Cloud Storage

Businesses spend 10-25% of their revenue in managing data every year.

Among the various ways of cutting cost for saving revenue in businesses, harnessing virtual technology plays a major role. Cloud storage is a cloud computing based model of efficient data storage in which data is stored in digital format in logical pools and this service is provided by cloud storage providing companies. Spykesoft provides cloud storage services for businesses to keep in check the durability, security and round the clock accessibility of data.

Why investing in Cloud Storage is a good idea?

Utilizing Cloud Storage saves cost in business by removing the need of investing in infrastructure and tools for storage of huge amounts of data. With cloud storage there is no need of buying costly hardware or storage mechanisms as storage can be bought as per requirement with the facility of quickly changing performance and retention characteristics of storage. There is also the provision of shifting less frequently required data to the storage that performs as an archive and utilizes lesser power at comparatively cheaper cost.

With cloud storage your business will never have to wait for right infrastructure or data storage availability. There will be no looking back for the IT and creative team of your company while developing new technology for business. Cloud storage helps in advanced resource management by centralizing all the important data and tools required for all the employees working in the organization. The sales team will be accessible to all the required customer information and product data required for delivering information for a particular topic.

Cloud storage is something that your business urgently requires as it not only provides backup and easier accessibility to the stored data but also ensures security and protection of your important data from dangers of mechanical faults or natural disasters which can cost permanent loss of data. Our cloud storage is highly encrypted with multiple levels of secured encryption that makes all your data highly secured whether they are in storage or in transit.

With the cloud storage of Spykesoft you can enjoy several benefits over traditional storage like the facility of customizing automatic backing up of data and easier accessibility of data anytime from anywhere using just an internet connection.

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