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Spykesoft Technologies is an IT company, known for creating well formatted and most compatible software designs for computer and mobile usage.

We have also created our mark in services like cloud computing and cloud data backup storage. Our one of the most successful endeavour has been "Dataalign", which was created after lots of research and development followed by rigorous testing of the software for many days by the quality team. Also, we believe in bringing time to time updates in our products in order to enhance their quality and performance.

Our software and services are aimed at making life much easier by bringing focus to what's more important than wasting time in managing activities that can be better taken care by the experts. Software and mobile applications that are designed by our team of talented and enthusiastic members have few basic common qualities like all of them are made to be as user friendly as possible with high quality and engaging looks.

We provide our customers better security of their valuable data and easier access to all the stored information anytime by the help of Cloud computing and cloud storage solutions. Our services has helped many small businesses, enterprises and home users in bringing clarity to their ideas and assurance to their work along with security to their data.

We have served our customers with software and website designing and development tasks apart from helping them expand their presence in the market with the help of online branding tools that include search engine optimization and internet marketing. We are different from our counterparts because we know that in today's times it's much easier to reach customers and the only thing that can help a business survive market competition is the quality and services that they provide.


We are always whole-heartedly happy to serve our customers with our dedicated associates.

Spykesoft has brought you customer-oriented Software application designing and developing services along with cloud application and back-up solutions. We are also experienced in providing flexible support solution services to our clients. Spykesoft technologies have both the resources as well as the proficiency to understand and execute our customer’s requirements immediately.

We do brainstorming discussions to bring innovative ideas to upgrade our customers work efficiency along with understanding their immediate requirements for the application. We observe your functional specifications requirements and organizational requirements to give you flexible, sharp and uniquely designed applications.

Our finest developers and programmers exercise tools, resources, and modules from our comprehensive code-library or code the application from the scratch whatever is appropriate and required to create software application piece by piece with focusing every minute detail for efficiency by keeping our customer’s specifications and unique design requirement in their minds.

Our experts also work dedicatedly on testing our application before delivering it to leave no space for disappointing you. Even after serving our customers we do not stop there we keep developing the quality of our services gradually and also provide technical support and assistance with the help of our well-trained and experienced staff.


  • Research & data
  • Brand planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Content strategy
  • Positioning


  • UI & UX
  • Marketing
  • Culture & voice
  • Wireframing & prototyping


  • Website & apps
  • WordPress/PHP
  • Sage
  • e-commerce
  • Shopify


  • Website & apps
  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Support & maintenance


We provide you programs, applications, and support with such advanced technologies that are shaping the work culture of the new era in the IT business industry.

Technology is becoming the culture of upcoming future from launching a rocket into space to even switching lights of your house is automated and can be controlled by applications on devices. Technical advancement is being seen in every field even industrial. From Critical operation management programs to foresighting critical-analytic programs

Business technology has been developing rapidly to beat the traditional risks as well as contemporary risks that it involves and to provide agility, integrity and work efficiency to enterprises. The technology has been evolving the work culture and we are here with our finest programmers and developers to work on the projects that will bring you the advancement of the world-class technology and provide technological advancement as per your business requirements.

We believe our success lies with our customer’s success by providing them solutions that enhance their work efficiency and we keep each other thriving by developing the quality of our services. Our team is well-sourced and managed with finely skilled and experienced software engineers to bring your idea alive with dedicated support as long as we walk the path to the future together.

People have the misconception that technology is complicated but it is wrong. Technology is never meant to be complex as it is devised to make things more easy and agile. Our purpose is to help you through the old traditional ways of managing the business and take you to the new era of business technology with dedicated support to provide you a competitive edge against such rapidly developing world.


Spykesoft delivers the best data protection as backup and disaster recovery for desktop, laptop, mobile and cloud environments.

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